I'm Stephen Rubio, a software developer and amateur game developer and critic.

I studied Computer Science Education at Fordham University, where, due to a lack of formal game studies classes, I took a collection of classes from multiple disciplines to better understand many of the ideas that underpin games. My senior thesis, Critical Rebellion, Critical Revolution, was a dive into the underlying cultural forces behind the GamerGate incident in August 2014.

I currently work as a Software Engineer at FormFast Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri. I write a blog on game design and narrative structure, So We Became Artists. Some of my favorites pieces are By Will and Wits Alone, a piece on survival themed games and genre, Massive Effect, a three-part series I wrote on the Mass Effect games, and Blurring the Line, an essay on Spec Ops - The Line and game violence.

I also make small games using Unreal, Unity, Source and Twine, which you can find in the portfolio section of my site. My favorites are DM-LaserTag, an Unreal Tournament Mod based on the laser tag arenas I went to as a kid, and Terminal 2, an HTML adventure game inspired by some of my favorite indie adventure titles.

You can email me at stephenrubio@protonmail.com.